About Us

JivyGroup was founded in 2004 as an entrepreneurial body with the vision to nurture ideas into reality. During the past ten years of being a flourishing technology and business incubator, Jivy has led the establishment of over 30 startups. Currently there are over 10 startups in development under the Jivy Group umbrella. The company employs approximately 70 employees and has development centers in Israel and Eastern Europe.

Throughout the years JivyGroup has accumulated vast experience in technology development, product design, business development and created a growing network of entrepreneurs and investors. This infrastructure provides new startups with an easy start and boosts their potential in later stages.

JivyGroup’s portfolio is focused mainly on the following industries:

  • Financial Technologies
  • Online Marketing Technologies
  • Mobile & Social Games
  • Online Gambling Platforms

Over the years we have developed infrastructures in several of our fields of expertise. These infrastructures combined with our experience allow us to dramatically decrease costs and time to market of new projects.