Jivy is built on a simple mission statement “Explore and build stuff. Together”. We are not just building great products, we aim to build great companies.
We believe that Innovation is a team effort, bringing together inter-disciplined skills, creative thinking and leadership.
If you want to be a team player, create stuff, lead and innovate, we are looking for you!

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Senior Software Engineer (Israel)

Job Description

MarketsPulse is currently seeking to hire a Senior Software Engineer who can apply their skills, passion and experience to develop its challenging products. As the engineer you will be responsible for designing and building application infrastructures and tough-spots. You will have the privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with a very strong and talented team of developers.

Job Specifications
  • Passion for developing cutting edge applications and solving complicated problems.
  • 5+ years of experience developing applications (mostly back-end).
  • Substantial understanding of web applications architecture and advanced software design paradigms.
  • Proven experience in learning and applying new technologies and software designs.
  • Demonstrated abilities to write and follow technical briefs, technical requirements and data schemas.
  • Ability to estimate the scope and effort required to deliver a development task.
  • Experience as an agile development practitioner.

Senior Product Manager (Israel)

Job Description

MarketsPulse is currently seeking to hire a senior product manager who can lead and manage a successful product by translating management’s vision into industry leading product. Ideal candidate has a development background, great organization and management skills and wish to be part of a dynamic, result driven company.

  • 2 years experience as a senior product manager
  • 4 years of development experience
  • Graduate from an army technical unit (Mamram \ 8200)
  • Ability in solving complicated problems
  • Detail oriented
  • Great communication skills
  • A team player
  • Forex industry knowledge - Advantage
  • Work experience in a multi-platform system - Advantage
  • Work with off shore teams - Advantage
Responsibilities will include
  • Collect and analyze customer's needs
  • Write requirements and specification documents
  • Plan the product roadmap
  • Manage requirements backlog and prioritization
  • Coordinate and facilitate full life cycle of the features

Hands on Startup CTO

Job Description

We are looking for a technology leader who can apply their skills, passion and experience to drive a talented team through future challenges. Your main job will be to build new products or systems, or improve existing ones. The work will be done side by side with entrepreneurs and investors. You will always need to stay up to date with the latest relevant technologies, and maintain a hands-on relationship with everything you or your team creates.


  • Passion for solving complicated problems
  • Great communication skills
  • An awesome team player
  • Efficiently getting intimate with new territories
  • Experience tackling a variety of technology aspects such as scaleability, reliability, security and more
  • Math and Finance experience – nice to have
  • All around Microsoft technology knowledge – nice to have
Job Specifications
  • Create the business' technological road map
  • Assemble and lead ad-hoc research teams to solve business and technology problems
  • Evolve the product's architecture and high-level design
  • Be the troubleshooting role model
  • Be a mentor for the developer, dev-ops and QA teams

.NET Team Lead (Israel, Moldova)

Job Description

As a .NET development leader, you will use your proven experience to lead development team which create, maintain, and enhance custom solutions around our applications. Our existing development team works closely together assisting each other towards one final goal, success! At JivyGroup, we understand what it means and what it takes to be successful. It’s about the balance of cutting edge resources, exceptional team work, and the ability to make an impact.
You will have the opportunity to work side by side with our senior developers and customers.

Job Specifications
  • At least 5 years of developing at a .NET environment - MUST
  • At least 2 years of developing at a .WEB environment - MUST
  • Experience in developing Multi-Threading applications - MUST
  • Actual development process management experience
  • Experience with relational databases, SQL Server or Oracle
  • Knowledge of client/server and n-tier development principles including Object Oriented modeling, analysis, design and programming
  • Knowledge of development concepts for Web-based Services
  • Knowledge in working with WCF\JSon technology
  • Experience in ASP.NET 4.0 and\or MVC.NET development - Advantage
  • Experience in working with cloud based systems - Advantage
  • Experience in Flash and AS3 development - Advantage
  • Knowledge of other programming languages (PHP, JAVA, Perl, Python, Ruby) - Advantage
  • Completion of Bachelor degree in Computer engineering etc.and/or 3+ years of increasingly responsible professional experience in related field

Senior .NET Developer & Tech Leader (Israel, Moldova)

Job Description

We are looking for highly skilled developers with excellent interpersonal skills to join our company and become one of our technical leaders.
Ideal candidate is a creative person, with strong technical skills, team player and aspire Excellency, who wishes to work in a fast-pace, start-up atmosphere.

Job Specifications
  • B.A.\B.Sc in computer science or equivalent
  • 5 years experience as a .Net \ Asp.Net developer
  • Team leadership and task management abilities – an advantage
  • Ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines
  • Responsibility and team player abilities
  • Solid OOP/OOD concepts
  • Experience in: C#, MS SQL Server, Parallel programing, performance tuning, advance debugging
  • MS Web Technologies –, Web services (WCF), Client Side Web Development – Javascript, JQuery, Ajax- an advantage
  • Architecture planning and deployment – an advantage

Company Cat

Job Description

We are looking for a cat who can apply their skills, passion and experience as a cat in our office. Your main job will be to cuddle, make cute noises, eat & sleep. In extreme cases you will be asked to test apps & games we develop, although we do not develop a lot of apps or games for cats. In case a worker, entrepreneur or guest brings a dog to the office you will have to respect it, and act professionally around it

  • Understand basic human emotions
  • Allow workers to pet you when they need to relax
  • Don’t be hysteric, if coffee beans accidentally fall in your food
  • Never do your business in inappropriate places, our office is always clean and we want it to stay clean
  • Follow Pro Evolution Soccer ball with your eyes on the screen while employees play the game
  • Experience in molecular computing– nice to have