Job Description:

Internship – front-end development

We are:
We are looking for interns / students – eager to acquire practical knowledge in Software Development, currently studying in Computer Science, Informational Technologies. Experience gained in the classroom and through personal application will be accepted.
  • Work with, and be mentored by JivyGroup developers;
  • Apply skills gained at university and learn new ones;
  • Assessment of new application ideas;
  • Develop real-world applications (coding, programming).
  • Basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript knowledge;
  • Applicants should know how web applications work;
  • Applicants should have excellent analytical skills, with the ability to work in teams;
  • English intermediate level is preferred;
  • We are looking for students majoring in Computer Science: –¬†Graduate Students or Students in the last year or¬†performing in a Master Program.
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