Job Description:

Software Architect
We are:
Jivy Group team – a high-energy, high-velocity organization and we are looking for highly skilled software architect with excellent interpersonal skills to join our company.
You have:
  • 8+ years of hands-on experience with .NET (and/or Java) applications, including ORM frameworks, Web Services (both SOAP and REST), frontend frameworks;
  • 2+ years of experience as a Software Architect and Tech Lead;
  • Experience developing successful enterprise applications;
  • Extensive practical experience in the areas of web frameworks, cloud technologies, performance optimization and scalability;
  • Deep experience in design and implementation of scalable systems/highly-scalable architectures;
  • Excellent skills in identifying common patterns, trends, and themes in order to navigate to optimal solutions;
  • Great problem solving skills;
  • Ability to learn quickly and stay up-to-date with new technologies;
  • Open to working in an agile environment as part of a scrum teams;
  • Self-motivated, passionate about software, and driven to achieve committed milestones;
  • Excellent communication in English (both written and spoken).
You will:
  • Drive the architecture, design and development of the JivyGroup projects;
  • Analyze business and technical concerns, apply critical thinking, and provide creative, architecturally sound, extensible solutions;
  • Lead team members and individually contribute to the development of critical subsystems using your expertise;
  • Guide the development team in creating comprehensive high-quality technical documentation;
  • Actively collaborate with other architects and technical leaders;
  • Review the application code on the implementation of advanced concepts (performance, concurrency, security, etc.) in an attempt to prevent the appearance of hard-to-detect and difficult-to-fix bugs;
  • Evaluate the software architectures of existing systems with regard to their adaptability and extensibility;
  • Identify risks (associated with architectural flaws) and communicate them in time;
  • Assist technology experts in understanding particular architectural views and design principles, together with providing advice in terms of recommended patterns to follow.
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