ALEX and other soon-to-be released AI chatbots
             are about to change the way we bank

Recently launched chatbot ALEX uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize customer intents and instantly generate a response to customer queries, in a bid to serve clients and cut costs in the long run. Our partner that launched this AI virtual assistant – Victoriabank – is among the biggest players in the conversational AI landscape with over 25 years of experience in building enterprise solutions.

ALEX chatbot gathers complex information and delivers it to clients quickly and accurately, reducing operational risk and eliminating repetitive manual tasks.
The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP), a form of AI, to generate the answer to customer queries based on the data supplied to the chatbot, the bank’s policies, on-going products, digitize it and distribute it to clients.

ALEX chatbot is integrated with third-party systems such as core banking, databases, APIs, etc. and is providing customer support instantly, while reducing considerably the time spent on the requested operations and excluding the human error. It provides easy access and support to customer queries, such as: PIN code card recovery for existing bank’s clients; blocking of lost cards, without any involvement of the Customer Care agents in a 24/7 regime, by ensuring a modern, efficient and personalized banking experience.
The key advantages of this chatbot are speed and easy access to accurate information and real-time analytics. Subsequently, it helps cut down the time spent on customer queries, excluding the requirement to be present at the bank and to spend time in the queues – a key differentiator for banks in a world where clients can choose from a wide range of financial service providers.

That’s why the era when chatbots help banks stand out from the crowd is now, as they provide a more efficient, convenient, and personalized customer experience.

JIVY GROUP will continue its mission to facilitate the implementation of virtual assistants powered by AI and to offer expertise in this area, in a partnership with GambIT Digital to co-develop hyperscale digital solutions that enable financial organizations worldwide to innovate and to accelerate its digital transformation.