JIVY GROUP Completes Acquisition of MAKEREE Platform

December 26th, 2023 – JIVY GROUP, a software provider with international exposure in the area of building digital experience, announces that it has completed the acquisition of the Makeree platform that provides digital creation & management of engaging, interactive user guides via a combination of images, video and text.

The acquisition complements JIVY GROUP’s existing B2B commerce capabilities and will enable the company to define the digital experience market moving forward.

The completion of our acquisition of MAKEREE platform is an exciting milestone. As we continue to deliver on our ambitious development plans, MAKEREE’s innovative technology will enhance our commerce proposition and help our clients deliver the most compelling digital experiences to their customers.

The celebrated acquisition is exciting news for our community of platform users and their clients as well. We are certain that JIVY GROUP team - our longstanding and reliable partner, will impact growth, implement innovation, and provide impeccable service to all existing and future MAKEREE Platform users. We are looking forward to their continued success.

With the transaction closed, JIVY GROUP ensures that all existing clients are integrated into its technological ecosystem as well as are fully covered, from strategic insight to technical execution. JIVY GROUP has been MAKEREE’s partner in the Research & Development area for over 5 years, which enables a smooth merge process and integration. This is a big win especially for developers who will now be able to build applications on a platform fully run by JIVY GROUP, that delivers scale, performance, and reliability to all clients.

JIVY GROUP intends to invest in the solution’s software upgrade and to grow the clients portfolio in the area of user guides. The switch to interactive digital manuals will lead to an increased end user experience in using visuals of images, 3D models, videos. These can be embedded into any website or accessed via custom web links, and are used across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, toys and medical devices, etc.

We’re in the age of digitization and, we can’t wait to incorporate our technological ingenuity into MAKEREE’s existing offerings and provide our clients a complete digital experience platform.


JIVY GROUP (www.jivygroup.com ) is a mid-size international software engineering company headquartered in Chisinau. Since its foundation in 2012, JIVY GROUP complements its tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes. Being focused on technology development, product design, consultancy, personalized software, JIVY GROUP offers its expertise in delivering top-tech and portfolio strategies for enterprises in areas such as: FinTech, Marketing, E-Commerce, Retail, Banking and, as of today maintains the highest level of client advocacy in the industry.

About The MAKEREE Platform

MAKEREE (www.makeree.com) is a B2B software platform providing creation & management of engaging, interactive user guides via a combination of images, text, video and 3D models. The digital guides – which can be embedded onto any website or accessed via custom web links – are used across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, kids games and medical devices.